Understanding the Risk & Benefits of HIPAA and PHI data collection.

As the healthcare industry continues to feel the burden of regulatory compliance and the need for better reporting, finance leaders are seeking tools to better help them. The need to integrate systems and reduce the reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets requires an awareness of the risks in protecting their patient’s PHI.

With finance teams continuing to integrate PHI into their accounting systems to assist them in making critical business decisions, financial leaders can no longer assume the risk of a potential data breach is limited to clinical protected health information.

Activities ranging from gathering data for key performance indicators (KPIs) such as patient count, COVID statistics, and service types to issuing patient refund checks can leave an organization vulnerable to unintentional or malicious disclosure.

To learn more about how patient data flows through financial management software and expand the need for financial professionals to access PHI while limiting exposure to HIPAA violations, we invite you to download our HIPAA Compliance report.