Sage Intacct for Professional Services

Sage Intacct for professional services

Sage Intacct is the best-of-breed professional financial management platform for professional service businesses. It offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability to help improve customer satisfaction and profits—regardless of whether your business is in IT services, marketing, HR services, or engineering.

Replace the headaches of manual processes

Professional services firms are typically project-based, and over years of growth and change, that leads to a cascade of disjointed information spread across multiple systems. Corralling data from dozens of Excel spreadsheets or QuickBooks instances takes a lot of time, and it leaves organizations lacking a unified view, and unified insights, across the business.

Sage Intacct consolidates all that data into one efficient platform that scales with your business. Data flows seamlessly in unified workflows that can be customized to your needs. You can easily track the costs of each project, expedite time-and-expense processes, accelerate project billing—and close your books much faster.

Gain visibility into your entire business

Sage Intacct provides visibility, at all times, into your entire business. Easy-to-read dashboards and flexible reporting provide real-time insight into profit and loss by whatever dimensions and metrics you’d like, including project, region, and customer type, so you always know where you need to improve or where to invest next.

Integrate with other software

To streamline your workflows, you need financial management software that integrates easily with all your other software, data, and tools. That’s why Sage Intacct offers open integration to best-in-class solutions, including prebuilt integration with Salesforce CRM, so you can streamline the quote-to-cash cycle. If you don’t use Salesforce, you can instead integrate with your choice of other CRMs—that’s the freedom provided by Sage Intacct.

Streamline project accounting

Professional services organizations need to deliver projects on time and within budget, and Sage Intacct helps by providing comprehensive project tracking, so teams can monitor project financials and resource allocation in real-time. This granular visibility empowers project managers to make informed decisions, identify potential issues early on, and ensure profitability across projects.

Get more out of Sage Intacct

Kernutt Stokes has been a leading accounting and business consulting firm for more than 75 years. Our Sage-certified experts have helped professional services firms from a variety of industries streamline, automate, and accelerate their business accounting with Sage Intacct. They’re ready to assist you with software implementation, training, and support services to help your organization grow with confidence. Contact us for a free consultation.