Warehouse Management

Do you want a solution that provides better visibility to your manufacturing?

Sage 100cloud is a solution that can be tailored to the level of complexity in your manufacturing processes. If you need a simple one level bill of materials functionality or a more complex multi-step functionality, Sage 100cloud has the solution for you.

Gain efficiency and advanced functionality with Sage Production Management. A make to stock solution that tracks complex costs for increased visibility and reporting. Track labor, non-inventory cost such as overhead and outside processing. With accurate real-time reporting, you can track costs relative to budget and make quick adjustments to inventory, materials, and outside processes.

Have confidence that you’ll have inventory ordered and on time, eliminating back orders. Minimize time consuming duplicating entries or imports, throw away cumbersome spreadsheets, and track production every step of the way.

With Inventory Requirements Planning (IRP) you will see demand and stock levels in real-time. Equipping you to maintain inventory quantities and automate the buying process.

Scanco Multi-Bin and Warehouse Management integrates with Sage 100cloud, providing a seamless WMS solution. It is flexible for any organization, quick to setup and intuitive to use.

With built-in directed picking and directed put away, you will eliminate loss and increase efficiency. It is also customizable to any industry.

Real-time batching and replenishments provide greater visibility and control. Place inventory on hold or assign it directly to an order.

Simplify physical counts by grouping warehouses or selecting locations. By implementing cycle counts, you will eliminate time consuming and costly inventory counts.

With powerful reports, you’ll have real-time stock status and valuations. Detail audit trails of user activity provide an audit trail. Location capacity reduces time in stocking inventory.

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