Modern Business
Management Solution

Are you ready to move beyond simple accounting software?
Sage 100cloud can help manage your discrete manufacturing, wholesale distribution and professional service processes.
Built to customize to your company’s needs and scale as your business grows Sage 100cloud is more than an accounting solution. It is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that provides increased visibility across your organization’s operations.
Sage 100 cloud is a solution for small to medium sized organizations with a need for efficient manufacturing and distribution solutions.

Real-time visibility

With real-time data and automated alerts, managers can stay on top of daily operations. No more steering from the rear-view mirror. Throw away cumbersome spreadsheets and decrease errors. You’ll have data at your fingertips for making crucial decisions in a timely manner.

The right business management solution provides an integrated visibility and enables analysis across all aspects of the business including sales, purchasing, inventory demand and financial reporting. You can place your business in a better position to meet changing government reporting requirements and maintain compliance.

Connected Systems

The most successful manufacturing and distribution businesses focus on streamline and standardizing processes across the organization. An integrated system provides real-time transaction data, reduces duplication, and eliminates data entry errors.
With a cloud connected solution, customer relationship management (CRM) and electronic data interchange (EDI) optimize vital resources.
Utilizing scanning capabilities with handheld devices replaces the need for paper and places data transactions in the hands of those performing the task. Therefore, providing real-time data into the movement of inventory.

For Example:

  • Production workers can easily update workorders at each step of the production process.
  • Warehouse workers can record inventory pick and put away without having to go back to a workstation.
  • Customers receive updates on their orders once shipped and delivered.
  • Integrated credit card processing within the sales cycle.

Powerful Reporting

With Sage Intelligence, customizing financial reports is as easy as click and drag. Utilizing the power of excel, you can design meaningful reports with real-time data in minutes. Having crucial data at your fingertips to make important decisions quickly and confidently.

Production Management

Make to stock manufacturers and fabricators get the tools they need to achieve complete visibility into their production process. Track costs, the status of items, and the material quantities required to meet demand.

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Warehouse Management

Scanco Multi-Bin is designed exclusively for Sage 100 distribution and manufacturing companies. It is fully integrated into Production Management and Operations Management, providing real time dynamic inventory.

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Inventory Requirements Planning

Evaluate your current supply and demand functions with a clear view of your current inventory stock levels, open purchase and sales orders, and production material requirements. Build times, lead times, and supply and demand functions are combined to calculate the need for each inventory item.

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Sage Inventory Advisor

Eliminate time consuming spreadsheets with an automated system that provides real-time data. Reduce overstocks, gain efficiency in ordering to cut costly back orders all with a cloud-based deployment. An ideal solution for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

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