Sage Intacct 2023 Release 4: Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration

One of the advantages of a cloud-based financial platform like Sage Intacct is that it’s updated quarterly to add new capabilities and build on existing ones. In November 2023 Release 4 brought more than a dozen features designed to improve efficiency and insights.

New, bolder look

Part of creating a great user experience is making it easy on the eyes. As soon as you log into Sage Intacct, you’ll notice that the colors are now bolder and buttons, tabs, links, and other features are easier to see.

Improved efficiency and automation

Several parts of Sage Intacct’s 2023 Release 4 are designed to help businesses be more efficient in everyday processes like invoice approvals, expense management, and reconciliation. One example: Submitted AP bills can now be recalled using a new “recallApBill” function, so you can quickly make the necessary updates before re-submitting.

Sage Intacct is also beginning a phased rollout of another exciting AP solution: AP Bill Automation. With AP Bill Automation, organizations can set up one or more email addresses to receive bills for each business entity (or bills can be manually uploaded). AI-powered automation populates the draft bills, matches them to the vendor, and identifies duplicate bills and exceptions—and the AI gets better with every bill to save businesses more time.

Multi-entity management

Sage Intacct’s latest release introduces subscription-based multi-entity management capabilities, so users can consolidate financial data across entities with varying percentages of ownership. With a comprehensive view of the organization’s financial health, companies with diverse operations can make more informed decisions at both the entity and organizational levels.

Automation to enhance reconciliations

The Bank Transaction Assistant has been improved to automate transactional workflows on account receivables. Organizations can automate workflows such as assigning customers to new transactions from past activities and previewing payment applications before executing.

Another reconciliation feature, Reconciliation Match Sequence, has also been improved, so you can review bank transactions in Sage Intacct from a sequence value and identify which accounts need to be reconciled.

Enhanced collaboration with Sage People integration

Recognizing the importance of seamless collaboration across departments, Sage Intacct’s 2023 Release 4 includes improved integration with Sage People, a leading HR management solution. This integration facilitates a more cohesive exchange of data between finance and HR teams, ensuring accurate and timely reporting on employee-related financials.

Get more out of Sage Intacct

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