Sage Intacct Planning: The Roadmap for Your Business’s Success

Sage Intacct Planning: The Roadmap for Your Business’s Success

Your finance team leads the way in planning for your business’s future. They provide a clear picture of how your organization’s current financials affect short- and long-term plans. But without the right budgeting and planning tools, it gets harder and harder to maintain forward progress — especially as your company grows.

Many companies rely on inflexible, time-consuming, and error-prone spreadsheets for budgeting and planning. Thankfully, there’s a better way: Sage Intacct Planning, an intuitive, cloud-based business planning solution that eases spreadsheet headaches.

Accurate analysis, quick time to answers

Quick and easy to deploy, Sage Intacct Planning integrates directly with your core financials; you can use current financial data in real-time to populate multiple what-if scenarios or budget vs. actual analysis as often as you need.

Or you can easily incorporate driver-based models to calculate sales revenue, employee expenses, or workforce planning. Sage Intacct Planning lets you make faster course corrections, avoiding costly mistakes down the road.

You don’t need to take weeks or months to run scenarios or do analysis — you can provide answers to management right when they ask for them. And you’ll feel confident, knowing that every plan and forecast uses current and accurate data.

Real-time collaboration, user-level security

Rather than chasing and consolidating the current version of the budget from multiple spreadsheets, use Sage Intacct Planning as a single collaborative source of information. With spreadsheet-like formulas and intuitive pre-built functionality, budget owners can quickly login and update their budgets as they evolve. User-level security ensures they have access only to the areas they manage.

Your finance team can then instantly review, ask questions, and incorporate that new data into the broader financial plan.  And with all of your financial data in one place, your team can easily drill down to investigate problem areas or identify the source of a trend.

With spreadsheets, you waste countless hours chasing, checking, and formatting your data. With Sage Intacct Planning, you spend your time doing what you were actually hired to do: providing valuable analysis and insights that keep your business moving in the right direction.

Plan for success with Kernutt Stokes and Sage Intacct

As a Sage-certified partner, we’ll help you enjoy a successful experience with Sage Intacct Planning. We’re experts in implementing Sage Intacct for businesses like yours and will guide you every step of the way. Our technology services include:

  • Software implementation, training, and support
  • Custom programming
  • Application design and development
  • Report writing
  • Process and procedure evaluation and documentation

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