Sage Intacct 2023 Release 3: Stronger Controls, Deeper Integrations

Sage Intacct 2023 Release 3: Stronger Controls, Deeper Integrations 

One thing you can count on is that Sage Intacct, the industry-leading cloud financial solution, will keep getting better through its quarterly releases of new features and functionalities. Key highlights of 2023 Release 3, which went live in August, include stronger controls for new vendors and EMRConnect integration.

Stronger vendor controls

You can now manage the approval of new vendors from within Sage Intacct, which provides a security and control feature to reduce the risk of fraud. The approval workflow requires review by a user with proper permissions to add a new or update an existing vendor’s information.

EMRConnect integration

A key update for health care organizations is the new EMRConnect integration that automates the data flow between your electronic medical records and Sage Intacct. In addition to reducing the risk of data entry errors, the integration saves time by simplifying the process of moving general ledger data from EMRs into Sage Intacct.

Enhanced AR payment numbering

To streamline financial management and the audit process, the new release allows organizations to create a numbering scheme for AR payments. The numbering scheme can be helpful in situations such as receiving a single payment for multiple invoices, and it will be easier to create a custom report based on the payment ID to determine which transactions were applied to an invoice.

Dynamic list views

The latest release gives you greater control over how lists appear onscreen. From your screen, not a separate menu, you can alter the width of a column or change the order in which columns appear to speed up your data analysis.

Match tolerances for purchasing transactions

With new match tolerances, Sage Intacct helps organizations identify transaction errors and reduce unauthorized purchase reimbursements.

The new feature automatically compares the quantities and unit prices that appear on purchasing transactions, so organizations can be sure they’re paying the right amount for what they ordered. For example, if a recurring order falls outside a specified match tolerance percentage, Sage Intacct will flag the transaction for additional review.

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