Sage 100cloud compared to Sage Intacct

As a partner for Sage Software, I am often asked what the differences are between Sage 100cloud and Sage Intacct. Besides the obvious that Sage 100cloud is installed on a server and Sage Intacct is a true cloud-based solution, the differences in functionality are many.

Here is a quick comparison between Sage 100cloud and Sage Intacct:

As you can see a cloud-based solution provides great functionality and integration with the use of API (Application Programming Interface) which seamlessly connects Sage Intacct with additional solutions.

While Sage 100cloud implies a cloud-based solution, it installs on a server and has some cloud connectivity with solutions like Aatrix for payroll and 1099 processing and Avalara for sales tax.

Additional cost beyond the subscription price with Sage 100cloud are the cost of maintaining a server or hosting fees. The cost of licenses, backup software, and securing the server. Many of our clients who have converted from Sage 100cloud to Sage Intacct also see a savings in productivity due to automation and network performance issues with their old server.

As you evaluate moving to a cloud-based accounting solution, keep in mind that its like comparing apples to oranges. Yes, both are fruits, but from there everything else is different.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between an on-prem (Sage 100cloud) and a true cloud-based solution, feel free to contact us.