New Integration Connects EMRs to Sage Intacct

The recently released Sage Intacct EMRConnect integration is a highly anticipated solution for hospitals and other health care organizations that use an electronic medical record (EMR) system and rely on Sage Intacct for accounting and financial management.

What is EMRConnect?

The U.S. launch of EMRConnect was recently announced by Sage Intacct. The solution automatically integrates health care organizations’ EMR data with Sage Intacct’s cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant financial management system to enable a seamless flow of information.

Key features 

EMRConnect makes it easy for organizations to move their general ledger (GL) data, both accounting and statistical, from their EMR applications to Sage Intacct, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. Key features include:

  • Supports scheduled automation to save organizations time
  • Logs and keeps track of integration attempts and GL transactions
  • Integrates EMR extract files without requiring the use of the Sage Intacct import format
  • Supports multi-entity in Sage Intacct
  • Can be used with multiple files and EMR locations
  • EMR system data can be transformed into master data acceptable by Sage Intacct

Key benefits

One of the primary benefits of EMRConnect is that it delivers automations that can save health care organizations valuable time that is better spent on strategic initiatives and serving patients. The solution is also easy to install, implement, and use, including multiple data sources and types of EMRs, so organizations can streamline their processes while reducing the likelihood of manual errors.

Once in place, EMRConnect enables organizations to gain deeper insights in Sage Intacct by leveraging financial, clinical, regulatory, and statistical data in one 360-degree view. Health care finance teams can take advantage of the opportunity for deeper analysis and reporting on key metrics that are critical to leaders seeking to understand the true cost of providing patient care. The support of multi-entity in Sage Intacct further enables a clear view of a health care organization’s financials, both holistically and by location.

Get more out of Sage Intacct

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