Multi-Everything: The Flexibility of Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct, the industry-leading cloud financial solution, offers a suite of powerful “multi” features to help growing businesses maintain operational efficiency even as they add new entities, locations, currencies, and other complexities.

Multi-dimensional reporting

With Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional reporting, you can work with dimensions, which are like categories or labels that you apply to your financial data. The dimensions give your business flexibility, as you can categorize your transactions and operational data however makes sense for your business.

As your business grows, you can use dimensions to view increasing amounts and types of data from different angles and perspectives. You can use drop-down lists to filter and group your data by dimensions, accessing real-time insights by departments, locations, products, time periods, and more—all within the same report.

Multi-location support

Whether you have multiple branches, offices, or retail locations, Sage Intacct’s multi-location support streamlines multi-location operations. From one platform, you can track financial data across all your locations, ensuring consistency and accuracy in reporting and analysis.

Sage Intacct’s multi-location support includes advanced inventory management capabilities, so you can optimize your stock levels and reduce carrying costs at each location. It is easy to allocate overhead costs like rent and utilities to different locations, based on usage or other criteria. And Sage Intacct is equipped to handle local tax and regulatory requirements if your business operates in multiple regions.

Multi-Tax automation

Sage Intacct Multi-Tax simplifies tax compliance across four continents to help multi-entity businesses maintain compliance with different tax authorities. You can easily calculate all your taxes and accurately report, file, and audit.

The end-to-end solution can also help ensure global compliance, enabling you to monitor, maintain, and prove compliance across different tax jurisdictions. You can also file in different ways to comply with digital initiatives and other requirements.

Multi-currency accounting

For global businesses, Sage Intacct is built to manage multi-currency complexities, using up-to-date exchange rates for conversions and revaluations for time-saving accuracy.

To improve relationships and potentially create new revenue streams, Sage Intacct makes it possible to invoice and accept payments in your customers’ preferred currencies. You can produce reports in the headquarters’ currency or the local currency of the subsidiary or parent company. You can also maintain consistency in financial reporting and analysis across different regions and subsidiaries.

Get more out of Sage Intacct

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