Get Cash Flow Management and Budgeting the Sage Intacct Way

Your finance team faces pressure to do their job faster and better, especially key functions like cash flow management and budgeting. They need to know, at a moment’s notice, your business’s cash position and be able to direct cash where it needs to go. Executives need timely reports on budget versus actuals to make data-driven decisions about your company’s growth.

Sage Intacct financial management software streamlines these activities with greater accuracy and speed while delivering unmatched visibility into your company’s financial performance.

4 ways Sage Intacct transforms cash flow management

Sage Intacct accelerates daily cash management activities so you can focus more on strategy and less on mundane tasks. Here’s how:

  1. Improve cash flow. Get a complete picture of your cash footprint and working capital. With true cash management, you can accurately identify where cash is coming from — and where it’s going.
  2. Manage bank accounts across all your locations. View all payments and transactions across all checking and savings accounts and credit cards across locations and entities. Seeing it all in real-time keeps you in control of cash.
  3. Automate bank reconciliations. For easy cash management, automatically and securely import transactions from your choice of financial institutions and reconcile your checking, savings, and credit card accounts in just minutes. Spot exceptions, manage bank errors, monitor for fraud, and maintain accurate cash balances.
  4. Manage day-to-day cash activities in real-time. Match electronic payment transactions to invoices in a click. Apply payments to accounts not tied to an invoice or record POS payments not applied to a single customer. Quickly print checks or use the bill-focused payment cycle. With Sage Intacct, you can transfer funds across accounts to locations and entities right when you need them.

Eliminate spreadsheets with cloud-based budgeting

Sage Intacct Planning integrates directly with your core financials (like cash flow management), so your current financial data can be used in real-time to populate multiple what-if scenarios or budget vs. actual analysis as often as you need. There’s no need to take hours or weeks to run scenarios or do analysis — you can provide answers to management right when they ask for it.

And rather than chasing and consolidating the current version of the budget from multiple spreadsheets, use Sage Intacct Planning as a single collaborative source of information. Budget owners can easily update their budgets as they evolve, and user-level security ensures they have access only to the areas they manage. Your finance team can then review and incorporate that data into the broader financial plan.

Kernutt Stokes, your Sage Intacct specialists 

Don’t let pressure get the better of your finance team. Turn to Sage Intacct and the people at Kernutt Stokes.  As a Sage certified partner, we’re experts in implementing Sage Intacct for businesses like yours, helping you better manage your company’s finances and plan for a profitable future. To get started, contact us for a free consultation.