Elevate Inventory Distribution to the Cloud

Traditionally, small to mid-size distribution companies have relied on server-based (on-premise) ERP systems. Maintaining costly servers, and having to upgrade every two to three years was a necessity. Not anymore.

Today, inventory and warehouse management can move to the cloud and have all the functionality needed.

For small to mid-size distribution companies, inventory control is essential to running efficiently, and maintaining customer satisfaction, and profitability. The key to a healthy distribution business is knowing what stock is on hand and its value. Operations depend upon maintaining the optimum inventory levels without costly overstocks or backorders.

Sage Intacct provides for the management of inventory levels with powerful reports and dashboards, eliminating dependence on spreadsheets. Inventory control allows for assigning minimum and maximum on-hand quantities, preferred vendors, and lead times. These controls are used to automate the purchase order creation process. Therefore, streamlining procurement.

With Sage Intacct’s reports and dashboards, you’ll have the visibility to maintain optimum inventory levels for a healthy cash flow. You will know what items move fast or slow, in addition to seasonal changes. Managing inventory across multiple locations and warehouses is simplified and bin locations can be assigned.

Use standard templates for adjustments, transfers, scrap, and more. Reduce costly downtime of physical counts by implementing cycle counts. With barcoding and scanning, you will eliminate manual data entry and have real-time visibility. By automating receipts, transfers, issues, and counts you bring efficiency and visibility to your operations.

With multiple costing methods, such as standard, average, FIFO, and LIFO, you can be sure of an accurate valuation. The landed cost functionality provides the ability to allocate freight, duties, and taxes for an accurate cost of goods.

With comprehensive built-in reports, quickly see across locations and product lines and know the status of your inventory. The seamless integration with financial data provides a complete, real-time picture of your company.

  • Additional functionality can be provided by Marketplace Partners in:
  • Handheld scanners for warehouse management
  • Shipping integrations for UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  • Sales tax processing and reporting
  • Credit card processing

Isn’t it time you consider elevating your inventory and distribution management to the cloud?