Automate Your AP Processes with Sage Intacct

Still using manual processes for accounts payable? If so, you’re well aware of the hours lost hand entering bills, writing checks, stuffing envelopes — time that could have been spent on higher-value work. These inefficiencies will only multiply as your company grows. Thankfully, there’s Sage Intacct to automate your account payable processes.

Work better and faster 

Through AP automation, Sage Intacct saves your team significant time and money. An intelligent virtual assistant eliminates data entry, and paperless routing for approvals means no more time spent chasing down managers. Sage Intacct also connects your bank, vendors, and payment platform to automate payments using Vendor Payments powered by CSI. Now, you and your team can focus on higher-level analysis to help save your company money.

Streamline AP with a single solution

Forget scattered spreadsheets and disparate systems.  Manage the entire AP process in Sage Intacct, from vendor and bill creation, approvals, and payments through to reconciliation and reporting. Centralized access to bills, approvals, payment status, posting details, and audit trails gives you total visibility and traceability. And if your organization has multiple entities, you can process all your bills and payments within a single account.

Track your cash flow

With Sage Business Cloud, you can seamlessly move data through your accounting ecosystem, from your banks into your general ledger and reporting. Make the daily soft-close easy; auto-matched and auto-created draft transactions speed reconciliation.

Reduce financial risk

Every accounting team is different, with unique requirements. Sage Intacct’s flexible controls adapt to how you do business, allowing you to define invoice workflows and approval thresholds, and even set spending limits to stay on budget using Spend Management.

Pay their way

Check, ACH, or virtual card — each vendor has their preferred payment method. With electronic payments, your vendors are paid quickly, securely, and without the hassle of paper. Even better, making consistent, on-time payments give you access to payment discounts.

With Sage Intacct, your team is no longer bogged down by manual account payable processes. Since payments are processed without all the manual overhead, you’re saving precious time and lowering AP costs. Armed with instant insights, you and your team can focus on higher-value tasks — like optimizing cash flow to fund growth initiatives.

Kernutt Stokes: Your Go-to Source for Sage Intacct

To realize the full benefits of Sage Intacct, you need trusted partners who know the software, are accounting and financial management experts, and have your success at heart. At Kernutt Stokes, we have designed a thorough process to help our clients turn their software investment into a serious business advantage. We:

  1. Perform a discovery to assess staff, systems, and software integrations.
  2. Recommend a solution based on your current and future requirements.
  3. Implement the software.
  4. Provide ongoing training, report writing, and other support.
  5. Offer customization and access to key software partnerships.

If you’re tired of manual accounts payable processes, we’ll show you the magic of AP automation with Sage Intacct. Contact us for a free consultation.